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"Tom has been my go-to person for almost 10 years now, he’s just so precise and clear when exploring a character’s psychology and finding the stakes in a scene. He really helps the actor build a whole world beyond the lines and bring out the subtleties in a performance. His seemingly encyclopaedic literary, movie and TV culture means he always has the right references to help the actor find a way into a situation, and his calm, supportive approach allows you to feel confident and trust in your ability to give your best performance. I booked the part of Sona Jillani in Michael Bay’s “13 Hours” directly from the tape Tom coached me for! 

He has also helped me perfect my dialect work - I’m always impressed with his ability not only to do any accent, but also to break it down and guide others towards it. I strongly encourage any actor wanting to push their performances further and improving their chances of booking a job to work with Tom Morton!"

ALEXIA BARLIER, 13 Hours, The Forest, Kali



Private coaching session one-on-one:

CAN$75 + HST / hour



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